before/after you

before you, i used to sleep like a stone.

after you, i can’t do that, because i got myself imagining you sleeping…and when i get sleep i dream of you…i can’t even forget your words saying: “….just be with this dream of we, because i’m living this since i met you.”

after you, all the sunrises and sunsets became more colorful, and at morning when i awake up, you comes in my mind, but i don’t know if you comes or you already was in my dream,

maybe both…(?!)

after you, i spread lots of spontaneous smiles away, when i remember some of the sweet things you did/said…

after you, life goes on, but is not the same, and i know it will not be the same anymore.


Um comentário sobre “before/after you

  1. Vagner : ) disse:

    Beautiful graphics, like always… And beautiful words too, my dear… :)Never stop inspring the world in this unique way only you know how to! =^-^=With much love,El Tigre Albino 🙂

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